Real Estate


A.N.Boukather holding manages substantial residential, commercial, and retail assets to an exceptionally high standard, alongside acquiring properties and launching new projects. The company employs a fully integrated approach that covers sourcing a site, building a project, and welcoming a tenant to a property as well as 7/24 maintenance and facility management.

Our Services

Facility Management

Handyman Services: foreman works, carpenter works, metal works, maintenance, hanging, mounting, moving, installation, curtains and blinds, furniture assembly, painting, cleaning... Electrical Services: light fixtures, outlets and switches, wiring, custom job,... Mechanical Services: generators maintenance, water heaters, drains, air conditioners, faucets and shower, leaks, toilets, custom job,...

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Sanitization Services

Densification is done consistently dependent on a few factors that may open you to infections and germs. The best innovation and best Ammonium based disinfector is utilized to take out most hurtful germs and infections accessible on any surface and noticeable all around.

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Property Management

Legal Services: We provide you with legal consultancy and governmental paperwork services. Sales: We turn your properties into asset. We offer consultancy to discover the value of your property and help you find clients.

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Financial Services

Our accounting and finance team will handle all the transactions and ensure the money collection from the tenants.

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Agricultural Services

We help our customers take significant choices in regards to their agricultural investment transforming torpid grounds into resources. Our service includes the following: - Technical and Financial study - Personal Training programs - Land Property Management - Market identification - Future business Expansion

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