A.N.Boukather's mission is to spread the joy of mobility, so we can #EnjoyMovingForward. With more than 90 years of experience in the Automotive field, we still strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers throughout their whole ownership experience. And now, twisting mobility as we are growing and expanding to GCC

The ability to move or be moved freely and easily



Now with more than 50 years since the relations with Mazda were initiated, and almost a 100 years since Nicolas Boukather involved the family in the Auto trade business. From the way our cars look, to the way they drive. We commit to a cleaner more sustainable future for the generations to come. To create without boundaries, that’s how imagination drives us.

Explore the Official Mazda Global site and know more about the features, photos, and specs of all our cars, SUVs, roadsters & cabs.
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A.N Boukather sal is currently the exclusive distributor of premium automotive brands including Ford. Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, Ford is an American Multinational Automaker. In an ever-changing world, our sense of purpose is constant. We honor our legacy as we build the future, a better world for generations to come.

Explore our range of Ford vehicles such as SUVs, Trucks and Vans and discover the latest Ford offers
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A.N Boukather sal is currently the exclusive distributor of premium automotive brands including Opel. Founded in 1862, Opel is a German Automobile Manufacturer. Wherever we look, we encounter new technology and breakthrough inventions, that have the power to change our lives forever. Opel wants everyone to profit from those changes. We have always implemented the latest technology in our products and services for the wider public. Because only when an innovation is available to everyone, it has the power to improve our world.

Explore our range of Opel vehicles suchs as sedan, SUVs, and Vans and discover the latest Opel offers.
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The future of car shopping and car rental starts here!

Under the umbrella of A.N.Boukather, platform was created with a customer-centric approach to revolutionize car shopping and car rental experiences across the region. The platform provides access to all car and motorcycle brands on the market with accurate pricing and specification data to empower shoppers to make informed purchase decisions. also caters for customers looking to rent vehicles by offering a wide range of vehicles at affordable rates that can be easily booked online!
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