A.N.Boukather holding has also ventured into agriculture to cater for both export as well as local demand of lavender, baby cornichon, honey, and other local cultivated products in the heart of Beqaa valley for both local supplies as well as export to Europe.

La Maison De L'Arome


As its name indicates, La Maison de L'Arome is the fragrance of a hidden story inside a house located in Bekaa valley surrounded by green expanses, where the ruined walls tell the story of families and peasants who plowed and sowed the land.


Agricultural Production for Food Security: When people remain the masters of their food, they have the wisdom to respect the land, water, air and preserve their seeds to secure their future and that of their children, the aim is to preserve a diversified production for food production linked to a geological and climatic based on local know-how. {Photo culture of lavender and pickles ….}

The return to authenticity “BACK TO NATURE”: agro-tourism highlights a region, a sector, or even a municipality and allows diversification in the tourists offer, it connects agricultural producers with tourists or excursionists, allowing them to discover the agricultural environment and its production through the reception of information provided to them by their host.

On the Social Scale: Agriculture cultivates the land, the landscapes, and the men and women who do it, it cultivates human relationships, creates a link between society and nature. {beekeeping/honey bee breeding… photos}

At the end «La Maison de L'Arome» is a serene place full of charm and peace, and at the same time, it is a center of culture and leisure for adults and children, where we seek to relax and reduce the rate of stress.