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Corporate Profile
Established in 1927, A.N Boukather sal is currently the exclusive distributor of premium automotive brands, namely, Mazda, Opel, Ford, Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, KTM, Bajaj and Otokar in Lebanon. It is today one of the subsidiaries of A.N Boukather group holding sal along with four other companies operating in the fields of real estate, rent a car and construction.

In 1927, Nicolas Boukather became a pioneer car importer to the Middle East. He was among the first entrepreneurs ever to imports motor vehicles from the United States of America to Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. His early success transferred to his son, Antoine Boukather, who took a daring gamble in 1968 and introduced MAZDA, a then unknown Japanese car brand to a selective Lebanese auto market.

At the time, he devised an ingenious way of marketing his product, where he lent cars to friends and potential buyers with the simple mantra, “If you like it you buy it, if not, then you can give it back”.

The first cars that were lent out never made it back to the dealership, and Mazda’s success on the Lebanese territories through A.N Boukather started in a significantly “customer comes first” oriented fashion.

Now 42 years since the relations with Mazda were initiated, and more than a 100 years since Nicolas Boukather involved the family in the Auto trade business, ANB, with both Anthony and Nicolas Boukather Sons and Grandchildren to the founders, has become one of the most dynamic, trusted, and valuable new car dealership in Lebanon.


To spread the joy of mobility to residents in the MENA region by substantially exceeding customer service expectations.


To be a leading distribution company providing expertise in automotive solutions and services that strives to offer high quality automotive products, service, trainings , and ANB certifications in order to exceed customers’ expectations needing ground transportation solutions in the MENA region.

Core Values
  • Knowledge
  • Excellence
  • Expertise
  • Innovation
  • Action
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
Antoine Boukather

Honorary President of ANB holding
President of the Automobile Association in Lebanon

In 1908, his father Nicolas Boukather became a pioneer car importer to the Middle East. He was among the first entrepreneurs ever to imports New motor vehicles to Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. His early success transferred to his son, Antoine Boukather, who took a daring gamble in 1968 and introduced MAZDA car brand to a selective Lebanese auto market. Half a century later since the relations with Mazda were initiated, and more than a 100 years since Nicolas Boukather involved the family in the Auto trade business, ANB, with both Anthony and Nicolas Boukather Sons and Grandchildren to the founders, became one of the most dynamic, trusted, and valuable Holdings in Lebanon.

Antoine Boukather is currently the president of the Automobile importers association in Lebanon; an association founded in 1923. The aim of AIA was to institutionalize the sector and place its combined expertise at the disposal of Lebanese consumers. In doing so, AIA thus effectively become the main pillar of the automotive sector in the country.

As the first professional association to be registered in Lebanon and therefore a part of its modern heritage, the association mission is to be a nationally responsible organization whose foremost duty is to inform the Lebanese consumers of their rights and raise their awareness of the malpractices that sometimes take place in car retail. Consequently, in a bid to secure full transparency and access to information for the consumer, our members strive to advocate sectoral, societal, and legislative changes that would benefit both the consumer and the sector as a whole. These improvements will allow Lebanese consumers to make informed and optimal decisions when buying and maintaining their cars.

AIA is engaged in strategic partnerships with civil society organizations are the catalyst for continued regulatory progress within Lebanon.

Being a pillar of the national economy, AIA is determined to strive in their mission and hence contributing to the development of the economy working for a modern legislation that would encourage environment friendly cars, creation of jobs, preserving consumer rights, and inspiring corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by the various AIA members.

Nicolas Boukather

Chairman of ANB Holding and Automotive
CEO of ANB Real estate

Nicolas is currently the Chairman of the board of A.N. Boukather Holding.
He holds an alumni executive program (OPM) from Harvard Business School, an Entrepreneurship Masters from HEC- Paris, a BA in Economics from the American University of Beirut, a French baccalaureate from Notre Dame de Jamhour.

Nicolas is the Chairman of A.N. Boukather Holding and the CEO of ANB Real estate, which is handling today the construction of two major projects in Beirut.

When he rejoined the family business in 2004, Nicolas with his twin brother Anthony took the leadership of the company and succeeded in implementing new strategies leading to growth and innovation, while sustaining the family driven enterprise culture and core values of integrity and transparence.

Nicolas is member of the board of trustees of the children cancer center of Lebanon and general secretary of its board of directors (2016-2018), founded the Lebanese Association for Motorcycle Importers (LAMA), member of Automobile importers Association (AIA), member of the executive committee of Greek Catholic higher council and president of its youth committee, member of Greek catholic charitable association, president of HEC alumni-Lebanon Chapter and treasurer of the board at the Lebanese Italian business council; Moreover, Nicolas is involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem being a board member for Endeavor- Lebanon and an active mentor for several startups.

Nicolas lives in Beirut with his two sons Antoine and Andrew.

Anthony Boukather

CEO of ANB Automotive
Chairman of ANB Real Estate

Anthony Boukather, is CEO of A.N.Boukather- Automotive, Exclusive distributor of Mazda, Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Motoguzzi, KTM, Otokar, Bajaj, Shoei, Motorex in Lebanon.

The company started in 1927 with his grandfather Nicolas Boukather that introduced NASH cars in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. His father Antoine introduced in 1968 the Mazda Brand in Lebanon and 2018 will represent 50 years of partnership between Mazda and ANB.

Anthony holds a BA in computer Science from AUB, and Executive MBA from INSEAD.

Anthony is perhaps best known, together with his twin Brother Nicolas, for orchestrating the remarkable turnaround of the family business in Lebanon that grew by more than 20 times.

The group also diversified to become market leaders in Motorcycles Distribution in Lebanon, BtB car Rental, and trend setters on the Real Estate Market.

They also invested in Growing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon by establishing a corporate accelerator inside the Company that facilitated the growth of many startups.

The company received many trophies including: United Nation Climate Change Champion in 2017, Volume & Market Share Increase Award from Mazda, one of the Fastest Growing Company of the Arab world from ARABIA500, Anti-Corruption Winner from The Lebanese Transparency Association, Best Customer Service from Mazda, Best Marketing Award from Piaggio, and Excellency Achievement award from KTM.

Anthony is passionate of how family business functions and highly believe in effective corporate governance in family businesses.

Anthony is active in Associations including: Vice President of INSEAD Alumni Association in Lebanon, Member of the Board of Directors of OumElNour, Founding Member and NextGen Leader of the Family Business Network – Levant, and YPO member.

Anthony has also a passion for entrepreneurship as he is a Mentor with UKTechHub, Confideo and Mowgli.


In 2009, A.N Boukather won the Customer Relation Management Award for the 2008 year. The CRM Award is granted to the best Mazda Dealer in the World in terms of customer relations, decided through a preset evaluation method devised and controlled by Mazda.

The CRM program was established in 2008 with the purpose of giving Customer Relations a much higher priority for Mazda distributors all over the world.  This program applies to Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa also known as the 4A’s.

The CRM Award is decided on the Following Criteria;

    -Fairness of parts price
    -Fairness of labor price
    -Professionalism of the team; technicians are always kept updated through continuous training
    -Quality of work performed
    -Follow up on clients
    -Courtesy and helpfulness
    -Promptness of service

As a reward, ANB were congratulated by the president of Mazda Motor Corporation, Mr. Takashi Yamanouchi who offered them a commemorative plaque. He had the following to say; “Congratulations for your Customer Relation Management award winning! You have marked the very high score in all evaluation criteria and achieved as high as 80 points in total. Not only your score is good but your performance itself is brilliant as well. We are impressed with your high Repurchase Ratio and Service Frequency”.

ANB’s relentless progress is motivated by our satisfied customers who shared their satisfaction toward our service perfection. Their comments left in the comment box located in the executive lounge, where customers wait for their car to be serviced, gives us additional motivation to always work towards exceeding their expectations.

The Following is what some of our valued customers wrote:
“A.N.Boukather & Mazda…Space for Freedom”
“The secret of success is seeking excellence…That is why I am your customer”
“Having such a great service, professional work and special care makes me feel at home at A.N Boukather”

A.N.Boukather grasps this opportunity to thank all of their customers who helped them reach the top position of the “CRM Award” and will always strive to exceed their expectations.

  • While servicing your vehicle at A.N.Boukather Service center you will be helping the Children cancer center.1$ from the proceeds of every service invoice will be donated by A.N.Boukather to the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon to keep the Zoom-Zoom feeling alive in every child!
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