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ANB Motorcycles Club
ANB MotoClub
The minute you purchase a Motorcycle or a Vespa from ANB motorcycles you will be offered a free membership for the first year for the ANB Motorcycles Club, a club which is independent from the company and holds around 480 members.

Being a member of this club you can choose which division you belong to:

1- Touring division
2- Enduro division
3- Vespa division

You will benefit from several issues…
We have listed 10 of the most obvious benefits:
1- Networking and Brotherhood: Meet and network with members of similar interests which raise a feeling of closeness to other members, with whom you share an exclusive passion.
2- Lobby and growth: Members of the club will be encouraging and supportive of your personal growth. 3- Social: A unique way to meet people from different horizon and have a lot of fun.
4- Belonging: belong to a united community working closely to develop and promote motorcycles riding and safety; by joining the division that suits you the most.
5- Welcoming family atmosphere.
6- Insurance: If you purchase an all risk insurance with Commercial insurance members will benefit from a personal accident insurance up to a limit of 500$.
7- Participate at preferential price in ANB motorcycle club events, rides and others.
8- Save: For being part of the ANB motorcycle club family, members can save 20%* on qualified monthly accessories and spare parts from
9- Members advantages at the Service center:
a. 20% Discounts on Spare parts.
b. 30% discount on accessories distributed by A.N.Boukather.
c. Priority for schedule maintenance.
d. Free service pick-up and delivery for the yearly mechanical inspection.
e. 24/7 hotline 70-500300
10- Blood bank database.

Join ANB Moto Club.

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