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Latest News
Give me FIVE Offer!
MAZDA is offering 5 YEARS FREE {Maintenance, Road assistance, Warranty} & 5 YEARS Dealer repair with 0.99% Interest rate. Call 01 888 298
ANB Mobile Application
Download ANB mobile application to profit from the offered services & to be always in contact with us, as you will be able to visit our showroom, locate a dealer, get road assistance, and more...
Service Center Video
Discover our 5 stars service center by watching a video...
Showroom locator
Designed around you! We have showrooms nationwide, so there's bound to be one near you. Select a region or browse using the map to find yours...
If it's not worth driving, it's not worth building! Figure out the bottom line on your new Mazda, check out special offers and even submit a quote request to your local Mazda dealer.
Bikes & Scooters
To the end of the asphalt and beyond…
Enter the best experience ever & taste the essence of motorcycling .Check out all the brands of motorcycles and scooters that we represent.
We provide more than just a great way to travel around the capital, OTOKAR invites you to experience the magical sights and sounds of Lebanon in comfort and safety ! Enter and discover OTOKAR product range...
Real Estate
When asked about what are the main factors that would steer our strategy as a Real Estate developer, we at A.N.Boukather Real Estate would answer: Trust, Innovation and Joy. Enjoy space innovation. ...
Finance & Insurance
Finance and insurance facilities are provided to our clients on all our brands.
24/7 Roadside Assistance
As part of our after-sales service, A.N.Boukather provides our clients with a specialist team of experts to give them the advice they need for their motorcycles...
After Sales
One key challenge of the motorcycle sector is to become truly customer-driven. Therefore A.N.Boukather is intimately familiar with customer preferences and serves customers with the right products at each stage of the lifecycle and at each customer touch point. Loyalty, retention, and customer acquisition are the key metrics.
Mechanic Reminder
Can’t remember when you have to pay your Mechanic? Enter your car registration info , get your answer instantly and also get email reminding you when your fees are due.